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Strong horror violence and coarse language


High school is rough for everyone, but things get a little more complicated when your prestigious all-girl prep school is severely isolated across a frozen landscape and your parents mysteriously fail to pick you up for winter break. Such is the case for Rose and Kat, the unfortunate teens at the centre of FEBRUARY. The film follows Rose and Kat along with a third young woman named Joan - identified as "beautiful and haunted," who starts a journey to come save them. But as she gets closer, Kat starts experiencing terrifying visions, and Rose is only able to silently watch as she becomes possessed by a sinister, unseen energy.

Languages - English

Subtitles - English Captions For The Hearing Impaired

Genres - Horror, Thriller, Spotlight

Running Time - 91 mins

Release Date - 15 Feb, 2017

Director - Osgood Perkins

Starring - Kiernan Shipka, Lucy Boynton, James Remar, Lauren Holly, Emma Roberts

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